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Guo, L.

Sinopec (Beijing) Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Beijing, China

Liang Guo is the Director of the Production Technology Department at the Sinopec (Beijing) Research Institute of Chemical Industry. He has been focused on chemical processing developments and chemical engineering design for more than 15 yr. He earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, along with an MS degree and a PhD in chemical engineering from Tsinghua University.

Research and application of proprietary cold oil absorption technology in the recovery of refinery dry gases

Sinopec (Beijing) Research Institute of Chemical Industry: Li, D.  |  Zhang, J.  |  Liu, Z.  |  Guo, L.  |  Hou, Z.  |  Hsu, R.

With the increasing shortage of global energy and resources, the recovery and utilization of refinery dry gases have become important topics of concern.

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