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Al-Qahtani, A.

Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Ayidh Al-Qahtani is a team-oriented Process Engineer with demonstrated experience in technical services for Saudi Aramco. He is a chemical engineer with 6 yr of experience in engineering services and technical support. During his filed assessment, he worked in gas plant facilities including, but not limited to, acid gas removal, dehydration and sulfur recovery. He has been involved in operations, process and technical support, and led gas plant startups from pre-commissioning to gas production of gas sweetening units. Mr. Al-Qahtani holds a fundamental engineering certificate.

Sustainable H2 production through methane pyrolysis

Saudi Aramco: Al-Qahtani, A.  |  Al-Warthan, F.  |  Khani, A.

The methane (CH<sub>4</sub>) pyrolysis process [also known as CH<sub>4</sub> cracking or turquoise hydrogen (H<sub>2</sub>) production] is a thermal (high-temperature) breakdown of CH<sub>4</sub> into H<sub>2</sub> gas and solid carbon.

Direction of cost-effective carbon capture and storage technologies

Saudi Aramco: Al-Qahtani, A.  |  Al-Sanad, A.  |  Mulgundmath, V.

Around the world, many nations and companies are transitioning toward the decarbonization of energy.

Soft startup of best practices for the commissioning of amine plants

Saudi Aramco: Al-Qahtani, A.  |  Al-Warthan, A.  |  Al-Subaie, M.

The startup and commissioning of hydrocarbon plants can present unique challenges that, if not anticipated and addressed in the pre-commissioning and commissioning periods, will inhibit plant startup and increase the difficulty of achieving product specifications in a timely manner.

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