Baybutt, P.

Primatech, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

Paul Baybutt is the founder and CEO of Primatech Inc., a firm that specializes in process safety, security and risk analysis. He holds a PhD from the University of Manchester in England.

Process safety incidents involving simultaneous operations

Baybutt, P., Primatech, Inc.

Some process safety incidents occur as the result of simultaneous or sequential occurrences of operations or activities that interfere or clash with each other.

Process safety incidents, cognitive biases and critical thinking

Baybutt, P., Primatech, Inc.

Process hazard analysis (PHA) is performed to identify possible hazard scenarios that may occur in a process.

Implement a competency management system for process safety

Baybutt, P., Primatech, Inc.

Managing the competency of company personnel is a critical aspect of process safety.

Cyber security: Are your computer control systems safe from attack?

Baybutt, P., Primatech, Inc.

Performing a CSVA identifies vulnerabilities and needed security measures

Human factors analysis for process safety

Baybutt, P., Primatech, Inc.; Haight, J., Pennsylvania State University Park

Apply LOPA-HF to a fired furnace