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Copper, S.

Phillips 66, San Francisco, California

is a Process Engineer with Phillips 66, working with crude and vacuum distillation, saturate gas distillation and diesel hydrotreating. Mr. Copper has spent most of his career focused on operations engineering, but also has experience in process design, energy conservation and capital project startup support. He earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Investigation and diagnosis of startup foaming issues at a new tail gas treater

Phillips 66: Copper, S.  |  Viceral, B.  |  Thomas, K.  |  Goff, S.  |  Contreras, J.  |  Nyadong, L.  |  Stavros, J.
Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.: Hatcher, N. A.

In May 2021, Phillips 66 started up a new methyl diethanolamine (MDEA)-based tail gas unit at its Belle Chasse, Louisiana, refinery.

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