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Arora, V. K.

Kinetics Process Improvements, Inc., Houston, Texas

V.K. Arora is Director of process and operations at Kinetics Process Improvements Inc. He previously worked for SABIC, KBR and CB&I-Lummus as Technology Director of the refining group and Technology Manager of petrochemicals. He spearheaded the KPI team that developed and implemented a world-scale propylene derivatives complex in Saudi Arabia for the production of acrylic acid, oxo-alcohols and acrylic esters. He holds two patents relating to ammonia process improvements and a nitrogen oxide (NOx) reactor system for ethylene furnaces. He has directed several successful revamps in ammonia and methanol plants, and is a licensed professional engineer in Texas. Mr. Arora earned a chemical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi in India.

Cost-effective revamp of CO2 removal systems

Kinetics Process Improvements, Inc.: Arora, V. K.

The cost-effective revamp experiences of carbon dioxide (CO<sub>2</sub>) removal systems in three different ammonia plants, and the resulting attractive payback of just a few months are detailed here.

Use multistage integrated chilling to increase ammonia production

Kinetics Process Improvements, Inc.: Arora, V. K.

A new revamp approach for ammonia plants uses multistage integrated chilling (MIC). The MIC scheme provides an option that avoids expensive compressor upgrades for incremental improvements in ammonia production, with energy efficiency improvements up to 15%.

Consider olefin offgas as feed for ammonia production

Kinetics Process Improvements, Inc.: Arora, V. K.

Ammonia production using hydrogen (H2)-rich offgases is an established method, but it is practiced only in a handful of plants. The dynamics of new feedstocks in the petrochemicals industry coupled wi..

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