Environment & Safety Gas Processing/LNG Maintenance & Reliability Petrochemicals Process Control Process Optimization Project Management Refining

Caswell, C.

KBR, Houston, Texas

Consider new approach for floating LNG units

KBR: Caswell, C.  |  Durr, C.  |  Kilcran, M.  |  Rost, E.

Combined technical expertise for onshore and offshore LNG facilities reduces risks and capital costs for new installations

LNG technology—The next chapter

KBR: Caswell, C.  |  Durr, C.  |  Kotzot, H.

Technical challenges of new plants will involve the sizing of trains, construction cost controls, onshore vs. offshore, energy efficiencies and environment

North American LNG terminals: Options?

KBR: Caswell, C.  |  Durr, C.  |  Patel, H.

Several critical factors should be considered when designing receiving facilities

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