Ayral, T.

Honeywell Process Solutions, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

What are the financial savings from a refinery cybersecurity program?

Ayral, T., Honeywell Process Solutions; Fligner, M., Liberty International Underwriters

Recently, the authors developed a first-pass financial estimate of the savings resulting from the implementation of a cybersecurity program for a 100-Mbpd refinery.

Case history: Quantifying the benefits of alarm management

Ayral, T., Honeywell Process Solutions; Bilyk, J., Brown, K., Honeywell

By using timely alarms that lead an operator to corrective actions, the goals are to improve plant safety, to increase efficiency and to reduce environmental constraint limit violations.

Operator training simulators for brownfield process units offer many benefits

Ayral, T., De Jonge, P., Honeywell Process Solutions

Using very conservative estimation methods, the estimated benefits for operator training simulators (OTS) show a return on investment certain to surpass the typical corporate investment hurdle rate.