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Anwer, A.

Contributing Editor,

Ashfaq Anwer is an Asset Integrity Engineer with 17 yr of experience in the field of inspection for static equipment in the oil and gas, petrochemical and fertilizer industries. He has actively participated in inspection data analysis, inspection planning and management, fitness for service and other field activities related to static equipment.

Optimization: Integrity operating windows management

Contributing Editor: Anwer, A.

Operations in the oil and gas, petrochemical and refining industries pose a higher risk when failures occur in identifying ongoing damage mechanisms within static equipment.

Inspection: A practical approach to internal inspection of pressure equipment

Contributing Editor: Anwer, A.

Internal inspections of pressure equipment involve a full inspection of the equipment. Inspection engineers and inspectors depend heavily on internal inspections to retrieve useful data, which includes information on active degradation mechanisms, corrosion rates, remaining equipment life, failure occurrences and failure expectations, among other critical details.

Inspection: Best practices for inspecting guyed structures

Contributing Editor: Anwer, A.

Guyed structures are common in petrochemicals, oil and gas and chemical industries. Half of the installed flare structures at many facilities are guyed. Various routine inspection programs are in place to examine these structures. This work describes some very basic checks, which should be in place to maintain their mechanical integrity.

Equipment life assessment—An exercise to help ensure plant equipment integrity and reliability

Contributing Editor: Anwer, A.

Numerous plants around the world operate with hazardous oil and gas, petrochemicals and refining fluids that have surpassed their design life.

Inspection: External visual inspection remains vital

Contributing Editor: Anwer, A.

Innovations continue to evolve at a steady pace.

Importance of welding procedure software

Contributing Editor: Anwer, A.

Welding is an ocean of substance, a technique without which the joining of metals is impossible.

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