Kumar, S.

Consultant, Houston, Texas

LNG import terminal on a gravity base structure offshore

Kumar, S., Consultant; Nakachi, I., Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.

An alternative design to a land-based facility is a compact, modular construction resting on the seabed

Material selection for low-temperature applications

Kumar, S., Consultant

Analysis shows conventional metallurgy is usually adequate for process upsets

Use extractive distillation to simplify petrochemical processes

Kumar, S., Consultant; Gentry, J. C., Wright-Wytcherley, R., GTC Technology US, LLC

Advances in solvent technology enable using extraction methods to separate close boiling point compounds cost-effectively

Simple method determines flow regime for friction factor calculations

Kumar, S., Consultant; Gulyani, B. B., Jain, A., Mohanty, B., Department of Chemical Engineering

Use these criteria to avoid trial-anderror procedures