Xu, C.

China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China

Chunming Xu is a Professor at China University of Petroleum in Beijing. He is also a Deputy Advisory chair at the China State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil Processing. He was formerly a Vice President at the China University of Petroleum and a visiting scholar at the Syncrude Research Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His research interests include heavy oil chemistry and processing technology, and clean fuels production. Dr. Xu is a co-inventor of Ionikylation technology and initiated the development work. He holds BSc and MS degrees, as well as a PhD, all in chemical engineering from the China University of Petroleum.

Composite ionic liquid alkylation technology gives high product yield and selectivity

Liu, Z., Zhang, R., Meng, X., Liu, H., Xu, C., China University of Petroleum; Zhang, X., Beijing Zhongshi Aojie Petroleum Technology Co. Ltd.; Chung, W., Well Resources Inc.

Global sentiment has been moving toward a call to develop innovative technologies that address environmental preservation and limit the use of hazardous materials.