Khazrai, F.

Chagalesh Consulting Engineers, Tehran, Iran

has worked as a mechanical engineer for 40 years in the areas of piping, static equipment and machinery. In 1986, he joined Chagalesh Consulting Engineers and has supervised mechanical engineering activities of several hydrocarbon processing projects. At present, he is a rotating equipment consultant. He graduated from Sharif University of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1972.

Compare pitot tube pumps with high-speed centrifugal pumps for low-flow applications

Khazrai, F., Eskandarlu, A., Chagalesh Consulting Engineers

When seeking a pump for a low-flow, high-head application, there is a temptation to choose a high-speed (HS) integral gear-driven centrifugal pump because of its advantages over multi-stage centrifugal and other types of pumps.

Avoid brittle fracture in pressure vessels

Khazrai, F., Haghighi, H. B., Kordabadi, H., Chagalesh Consulting Engineers

Key points identify effects from auto-refrigeration on steel vessels