Environment & Safety Gas Processing/LNG Maintenance & Reliability Petrochemicals Process Control Process Optimization Project Management Refining

Zhang, M.

CastNewX Technology Co. Ltd., Suzhou, China

Minghao Zhang is the founder of CastNewX Technology Co. Ltd. He has more than 10 yr of experience in heat-resistant alloy research and development and expertise in pyrolysis furnaces in the petrochemical industry. He specializes in developing innovative solutions for pyrolysis furnace services. Dr. Zhang earned a PhD in metallurgy and material science from MINES ParisTech in France.

Enhance ethylene cracker radiant tube integrity through innovative robotic inspection

CastNewX Technology Co. Ltd.: Zhang, M.

The ethylene cracker plays a crucial role in the petrochemical industry, producing more than 200 MMtpy of ethylene globally, which is the major building block for plastics, synthetic rubber, lubricants and various chemicals.

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