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Blum, B.

Bazan Group, Haifa, Israel

Betzalel Blum is the Chief Process Technology Manager for the Bazan Group (Oil Refineries Ltd.). During his 35 yr with the Bazan Group, he has been the lead process engineer for some major revamps and debottlenecks of catalytic and distillation units. Mr. Blum has also been involved in fractionator process design, equipment design and optimization, the identification of flow regime patterns, and field troubleshooting. He earned a BSC degree in chemical engineering, along with an MS degree in oil and gas, from Technion—Israel Institute of Technology.

Good distributor design for high-velocity feed debottlenecks a crude preflash tower

Bazan Group: Blum, B.
Fluor: Kister, H.
Koch-Glitsch: Tsang, R.

Bazan Group’s crude unit No. 3—not designed by any of the authors’ companies—was bottlenecked by the preflash tower.

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