Ross, J.

Axens North America, Princeton, New Jersey

Redefining reforming catalyst performance: High selectivity and stability

Le Goff, P.-Y., Lopez, J., Axens; Ross, J., Axens North America

Highly developed CCR catalysts are more robust to ensure extended service over 7–9 years.

Fine-tune FCC operations for changing fuels market

Anderson, L. R., Shaw stone & Webster; Gauthier, T., IFP; Ross, J., Axens North America; Roux, R., Axens

New technology improves FCC performance and operational reliability

Clean fuels programs – Asia-Pacific and Western Europe styles

Confuorto, N., Belco Technologies Corp.; Lepage, J. P., Axens; Ross, J., Axens North America

Two refiners from different continents strive to meet the challenges of producing lower-sulfur fuels while endeavoring to protect the environment

What are the options to meet Tier II sulfur requirements?

Ross, J., Axens North America; Swaty, T. E., Shaw stone & Webster; Nocca, J. L., IFP

To meet ultra-low sulfur specifications for diesel and gasoline, U.S. refiners will 'retool' existing facilities; feedstock changes, operational/processing adjustments and installing new post treatment technologies are some possible choices