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Avery, Allen

ARC Advisory Group,

HP Integration Strategies: Data historians provide effective decision support in near real time

ARC Advisory Group: Avery, Allen

Plant data historians are moving beyond their traditional role as a tool for collecting and archiving data to better understand past plant performance, to becoming a powerful tool that can be used to ..

HP Integration Strategies: Energy management is a work-in-progress

ARC Advisory Group: Avery, Allen

Energy accounts for a significant portion of overall manufacturing costs. With today's volatile energy prices, HPI and other manufacturers have to keep a close eye on where they get their energy and h..

HP Integration Strategies: Intelligent toxic gas detectors: a smart move for the HPI

ARC Advisory Group: Avery, Allen

In the wake of several high-profile industrial accidents, and against the background of an aging installed base and a shrinking workforce, HPI owner/operators should consider upgrading and modernizing..

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