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Gas to liquids (GTL)

Shell’s Pearl GTL plant running at reduced production

The Hague, Shell announced its Pearl gas-to-liquids (GTL) plant in Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar, is currently operating at a reduced rate of production due to unforeseen maintenance required on some or all of the plant’s 18 gasifier units.

Carbon Engineering, Greyrock Energy to develop commercial air-to-fuels systems

Carbon Engineering and Greyrock Energy will partner to develop commercial air-to-fuels systems, converting ambient CO2 and renewable power into clean, liquid transportation fuels that can be used in the existing transportation infrastructure.

Anglo American Platinum invests in Greyrock Energy

Anglo American Platinum Ltd. has invested in Greyrock Energy, Inc., a provider of small scale gas-to-liquids technology.

Shell signs agreement to sell Denmark refining business

Shell has reached an agreement with Dansk Olieselskab for the sale of Dansk Shell in Denmark, which consists of the 70 Mbpd Fredericia refinery and local trading and supply activities, for approximately $80 MM.

EIA: US remains top petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons producer

While the US and Russia total petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbon production is split between petroleum and natural gas, Saudi Arabia heavily favors petroleum.


Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Rhodes, Mike

Elliott Group has made changes to its executive team. Michael Lordi has been named as chief operating officer (COO), succeeding Art Titus, who is retiring after nine years.

Codes and Standards: How much fireproofing do we need?

The Augustus Group: Murti, D. G.

This article is the first under the Codes and Standards series. The purpose of this series is to make readers aware of code requirements, the interpretations and the limitations as they stand today, and what engineers can do as an alternative engineering. This series is based on the actual implementation of what is narrated and the satisfactory experiences drawn.

Intrexon opens California GTL pilot plant

The methanotroph bioconversion platform is designed to generate high-value products from natural gas, the most inexpensive carbon source that can be used for industrial fermentation.

Primus makes 100-octane gasoline at GTL demo

With the production of 100-octane zero-sulfur, zero-benzene, zero-lead gasoline, Primus says it could address fuels that meet EU and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) specifications.

Fueling Alberta oil sands fleets with natural gas

Hatch Ltd.: Salehi, E.  |  Save, S.  |  Almquist, G.  |  Zuliani, C.

Natural gas for diesel replacement is an excellent opportunity for mineable oil sands operations to realize considerable fuel savings.