CO2 Emission Reductions & Carbon Capture
23 June 2021

Sponsor: Carbon Clean

he battle to reduce carbon emissions is rapidly gaining momentum with global regulations and legislation for heavy industry. This momentum has pushed carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) innovations into the spotlight. These CCUS technologies are already lowering costs and transforming industry. But - how does your industry know what is the right solution for you?  

Join Carbon Clean's Director of North America, Glen Bailey with the panel of experts. In this 1-hour session they will discuss:

  • Outlook on ambitions and strategy for decarbonization
  • Role of carbon capture within the industry’s overall strategy
  • A view on government policy and its effect on emission reductions

Don't miss this opportunity to take part in this crucial conversation - register for free today to learn how heavy industry can achieve CO2 emission reductions with Carbon Clean.  

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Hydrocarbon Processing’s Industry Market Outlook: 2021 Update
17 June 2021

Sponsor: AXENS, F&PD

Over the past several years, the world has witnessed significant downstream capacity growth in all sectors of the downstream hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI). However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant decline in demand for fuels and certain petrochemical value chains. As governments start to ease lockdown measures, how has the global capital expenditure market been affected and what are the major trends for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

During this live webcast, Lee Nichols will provide a mid-year update on capital projects around the world, as well as major economic, environmental and political market trends that are shaping and influencing the industry in the near-term.

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Fundamentals of Sealing Heat Exchangers and Pipe Flanges
10 June 2021

Sponsor: ERIKS

This abbreviated seminar (or webcast) is a distillation of our 7-hour Professional Development Seminar previously conducted at the AFPM Reliability and Maintenance Conference. It summarizes the testing and research that determined the two main reasons that heat exchangers develop leakage, and the materials and procedures that have been developed to offset these problems. It discusses optimal gasket seating stresses, tools for analyzing the operational gasket loads, and also discusses permissible flange conditions. It ends by showing how these developments in heat exchangers can lead to better gasket materials and procedures for pipe flanges.

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Achieving Tomorrow's Business Expectations with Today's Industrial Automation System
2 June 2021

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

Over the last decade, industry has gone through a major shift in resource availability, technology advancements and people efficiency. So too have the perceptions that operators have on what is the key challenge or threat to the success of their business. 

From a recent customer survey, equipment obsolescence, aging workforce, and availability of parts are no longer the top challenges when considering upgrading and/or modernizing their industrial control systems.

Instead, business expectations and industry initiatives are most influential.

Questions that we see operators ask now, include:

  • Is our infrastructure sustainable and what is its environmental impact?
  • Are we attracting the best and brightest talent to capitalize on our digitized evolution?
  • How resilient are we to environmental factors, supply chain upsets, and unforeseen global pandemics?

Join us as we discuss this new framework and consider how to achieve tomorrow’s business expectations of remote operations, real-time and artificial intelligence, using today’s systems, existing infrastructure and intelligent software and services.

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Building the Plant of the Future - A "How To" Guide
25 May 2021

Sponsor: AVEVA

As the world emerges changed by the covid-19 shutdowns, the rate of digital transformation necessitated during the pandemic will carry us into the future of sustainable, digital and connected plants. New and existing industrial plants will depend on an influx of innovation, flexibility and collaboration driven by technologies like the cloud, data-centric engineering and 3D visualization to prepare for what's ahead. Join Julien De Beer, AVEVA’s Head of Product Strategy for this 1-hour session to hear how AVEVA’s EPC 4.0 approach can help you achieve your future plant strategies, including: 

  • A proven framework to drive greater engineering & execution quality and efficiency
  • How to create a culture of data-centric, integrated, collaborative working
  • Requirements for building and maintaining Digital Twins on greenfield and brownfield projects
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Corrosion Prediction and Material Selection for Crude Corrosivity Applications
18 May 2021

Sponsor: Honeywell

Non-aqueous corrosion issues continue to be a major concern for refining as market growth leads to feedstock with increasing impurity content, leading to higher potential for corrosion damage. Naphthenic acid and sulfidic corrosion (termed crude corrosivity) in crude refining are key corrosion mechanisms contributing to asset degradation and failure in different areas of atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, such as in transfer lines and side cut piping. Accurate quantification of corrosion due to these factors is critical to safe crude unit operations and gives refiners the ability to work with opportunity crudes at a higher level of confidence and safety. In this webinar we will present a comprehensive approach to predict crude corrosivity in naphthenic acid- and sulfidic-dominated systems as a function of critical environmental parameters such as: Total Acid Number (TAN / NAT), Sulfur (H2S) content, temperature, hydrocarbon content, flow regimes and wall shear stress.

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Exploring dense air injection application benefits - avoid FCC capacity reduction & increase turbogas performance
6 May 2021

Sponsor: Aggreko

Aggreko Process Services is a unique dedicated Process Engineering team within Aggreko that work alongside unit operations to deliver fast-track high value solutions that enhance Refinery and Petrochemical Plant capacity and efficiency. This session will explore multiple Dense Air applications and their benefits in a refining or chemical facility and take a closer look at:

  • Main Air blower constraints in the FCC
  • Refrigeration of reactor/ regenerator at the FFC during shut down
  • How dense air can improve Turbogas power output
  • An all-round view on possible applications of dense air to optimize Petrochemical Plant Processes

At Aggreko we understand the huge pressure process industries face to continually improve yield, upgrade capacity, and respond to ever-changing market conditions. Our advanced process knowledge and proven experience delivers innovative solutions that are operationally safe and reliable. Join our webinar to learn how our process engineers can help you achieve ultimate process optimization. 

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Building the plant of the future: innovating for efficiency & sustainability
27 April 2021

Sponsor: AVEVA

From changing regulations to an evolving new normal, capital projects face rapidly shifting market dynamics. In this ever-evolving landscape, how do you prepare for what’s ahead? Short answer – Foster flexibility, transparency and collaboration. 

Join Amit Kar, from AVEVA, for a 1-hour session where he will discuss how EPCs and owner operators can leverage technology to build resilience now while also laying the foundation for the plant of the future. During the session, he will provide expertise on how the right mix of people, technology, and processes can create structure without hindering creativity at your company to help you achieve the following:

  • Create automated transparency in capital project engineering and execution
  • Leverage every interaction to build trust between the Owner-Operator and the EPC
  • Accelerate the path to operational nameplate capacity
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