2021 AFPM Annual Meeting Virtual Edition: Women in Industry—The power of resiliency

SUMEDHA SHARMA, Technical Editor, Hydrocarbon Processing


On Monday, the AFPM Annual Meeting Digital Edition hosted its annual Women in Industry event, featuring an inspiring and powerful keynote address followed by table talk discussions on the theme, “The Power of Resiliency.” This event is noted for its focus on empowering women in industry though engaging discussions and for creating excellent networking and learning opportunities.

The session keynote featured guest speaker Eboni Monk Adams, Director of Marketing, Advanced Refining Technologies, and author of “Leading Wise: Inspirational Reflections for Corporate Leaders.” Monday’s session was co-moderated by chemical engineer Christina McDowell, Marathon (retired), and Latoya Britt, AFPM. 

Adams has 27 years of notable experience as a leader serving in various positions in the industry, and has had a long purpose-driven association at WinE. She asserted how the year 2020 has provided a larger opportunity for working, reflecting, realizing and proving that we are all connected, and that our professional and personal lives are intertwined.

Eboni Monk Adams, Director of Marketing, Advanced Refining Technologies

The inevitable challenges of our professional and personal lives often become connected and the power of resiliency allows us to not only survive but thrive in such situations. Adams shared examples and inspirations from cultures around the globe to emphasize that we are culturally connected, with more similarities than differences. She attributed her various stories of resiliency to the universal cultural convergence, and noted that her success has been shaped by the challenges that she faced and the inspiration of women whose stories speak of the power of resiliency. She touched upon various examples of personal and professional challenges that she and other women in industry face and how resiliency empowers them to emerge better and stronger.

Adams presented an informative path for the attendees by outlining the following steps to overcome challenges and be resilient:

  1. The first step is to accept and recognize that one is faced with a challenge as it is not a natural response.
  2. Acknowledge that what could be a small setback for one person could easily mean a catastrophic disaster for another.
  3. Connect with a greater cause of community, group and organization to inspire reactions and actions.
  4. Learn through compassion for others before the problems affect oneself.
  5. Be guided by your values to respond based on a situation.
  6. Find help that can be the force to support one’s journey through resilience.
  7. After overcoming the challenge, recognize the potential learning and impact.
  8. Stop, relax and reflect to allow the “learning to expand the soul.”

Adams described resilience as a tool to gain personal and professional success because it trains one to manage future events. She also stressed that resiliency is just as critical in leadership roles as technical and business skills. Women in industry must embrace their individual greatness to work together, support each other and pave the paths for other women to be contributors and leaders.

She pressed upon the inherent human spirit that is capable of rising above obstacles and invited the attendees to be “intentional about being resilient.” Adams reiterated her focus on a “you learn by living” philosophy that has guided her journey through emotional, personal and professional challenges. Drawing an interesting analogy between the “mountain pose” in Yoga and resiliency to bounce back after setbacks, she stressed that one must “root-in to rise!”

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