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HxGN LIVE 2019: Your data can save the world

By Mike Rhodes, Managing Editor

Hexagon's annual cross-industry technology conference, HxGN LIVE, is being held this week from June 11–14 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. With more than 3,000 of Hexagon's customers and partners, this conference brings together the industry's brightest minds and provides attendees with the opportunity to obtain hands-on training, hear fresh technology perspectives and learn best practices from industry experts.

FIG. 1. Visitors to The Zone at Hexagon
FIG. 1. Visitors to The Zone at Hexagon's HxGN LIVE event in Las Vegas are learning about cutting-edge technology applications from Hexagon and its partners.

The event gives industry professionals the chance to brainstorm and solve relevant challenges with experienced leaders while providing hundreds of technical, educational and hands-on workshops and keynotes.

The conference officially kicked off on Tuesday night with an opening keynote from Hexagon President and CEO, Ola Rollén, on how data can "save the world." Rollén's presentation offered a sobering view of what will happen to our planet by 2050 if we continue with the status quo. He shared a detailed analysis of technologies available today that can cut CO2 emissions by 33% by leveraging data to improve efficiency in the automotive, agriculture, general industry and building sectors alone.

"By focusing on the business opportunity to create efficiency, productivity and quality, and by doing well in business, we can also do good for the world and the future of humanity," Rollén said. The CEO asserted that making money and saving the planet do not need to be mutually exclusive, and that technology and business are the keys to accomplishing those goals.

Rollén said that of the top 100 polluters around the globe, 71 are companies and 29 are countries. "This must be an industrial movement, and the only way we can accomplish these goals is to have no conflict between the two," he said.

"I think we are seeing an awakening as people are starting to realize that we have to do something. At the same time, if you can make good business out of helping the planet, then it's a win-win solution," Rollén asserted. He also thoughtfully discussed the "scalable sustainability" model that Hexagon is pursuing, as well as the company's far-reaching vision for putting data to work in organizations to reverse the trend of resource depletion and waste overwhelming Earth's systems. Rollén believes that higher productivity and quality outcomes will drive sustainability and growth for businesses.

In addition to hundreds of technology sessions by industry experts, HxGN LIVE also includes The Zone, Hexagon's technology showcase (FIG. 1). Organized into six ecosystems—Smart Industrial Facilities, Smart Buildings and Infrastructure, Smart Cities and Nations, Smart Autonomous Mobility, Smart Factories, and Smart Mines—the exhibits display Hexagon's core capabilities in sensor, software and autonomous solutions to boost efficiency, productivity and quality for its customers.

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