Teders, M.

Valero Energy Corp., San Antonio, Texas

Mike Teders is the FCC and alkylation Subject Matter Expert for Valero. He supports major capital projects, unit troubleshooting and optimization. He has 39 yr of refining experience and holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from Kansas State University.

FCC collector tray leaks impact column operation

Hanson, D., Brown Burns, J., Teders, M., Valero Energy Corp.

In the collective experience of the authors, one of the most troublesome pieces of refinery fractionation equipment is the collector tray.

Optimize alkylation unit operation by using response surface methods

Bird, J., Seillier, D., Teders, M., Jacobson, G., Valero Energy Corp.

A new methodology can be used to optimize the operations of an alkylation unit based on response surface methods.