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Mowbray, M.

U.S. Water Services Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mike Mowbray is Director of Product Management for U.S. Water Services. He has more than 30 yr of experience in the water treatment industry. He has expertise in boiler systems, cooling water systems, waste treatment, pretreatment, ethanol, electrical utilities, paper and food processing. Mr. Mowbray holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of New Hampshire at Durham and an MBA degree from the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks. He is a certified water technologist (CWT) and a member of the Association of Water Technologies.

Water Management: Minimize white rust in galvanized cooling systems

U.S. Water Services Inc.: Mowbray, M.

Galvanized coatings for cooling tower systems (cooling towers, evaporator tube bundles, etc.) have been used in the industry since the 1950s due to their relatively low cost and long service life.

HP Water Management: Phosphorus elimination in cooling tower treatment program

U.S. Water Services Inc.: Mowbray, M.

A heightened focus on environmental sustainability is apparent in today’s industry, and for a good reason.

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