Liu, G.

Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd., Tianjin, China

Gehong Liu is the General Manager of Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co. Ltd. He has been working in chemicals manufacturing for 18 yr and has extensive management experience in chloralkali chemicals and the petrochemical industry. Mr. Liu holds six patents and has published 12 peer-reviewed technical papers. He graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Technology with a degree in chemical engineering. He obtained a post-graduate degree from Tianjin University.

Ethylbenzene plant debottleneck with a high-activity transalkylation catalyst

Liu, G., Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd.; Sundararaman, R., ExxonMobil Chemical Co.; Cao, J., ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing

Modern commercial ethylbenzene (EB) plants use liquid-phase alkylation processes with zeolite catalysts to achieve high product yields.