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Jeon, S.

SK Energy, South Korea

Seokryong Jeon is team leader on the stationary equipment engineering team at SK Energy. He has more than 20 years of experience in reliability technology and project management in refinery and petrochemical plants. He received an MS degree and a BS degree in metallurgical engineering from Hanyang University in South Korea.

Application of ring-type joint gaskets in a refinery

SK Energy: Lee, S.  |  Lee, S. H.  |  Jeon, S.
SK Innovation Co. Ltd.: Jang, T. Y.

In refineries and petrochemical plants, ring-type joint (RTJ) flanges have been applied to high-pressure processes or sensitive areas that are susceptible to leaks.

Three topics for operational excellence related to a Cr-Mo hydrotreating reactor

SK Energy: Lee, S.  |  Kim, E.  |  Jeon, S.

Many end users are trying to use feedstock with higher sulfur content for their refineries to increase profitability, but numerous unknown or plausible bottlenecks exist.

Determine the standard hoop density of spiral-wound gaskets on flanges

SK Energy: Lee, S. H.  |  Lee, S.  |  Jeon, S.

The use of spiral-wound gaskets on flanges has resulted in good sealing performance. However, most gaskets do not perform well when the flange is improperly installed.

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