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Choudhury, M. G.

Reliance Engineering Group (REG), Mumbai, India

M. G. Choudhury is Engineering Manager at Reliance Engineering Group in Mumbai, India. His major area of expertise is plant engineering, with an emphasis on piping and pipe stress. He has 40 yr of working experience in piping design and engineering. He has also performed work for Engineers India Ltd., Toyo Engineering Corp., Chemtex and SABIC.

Evaluate structural stiffness for piping stress analysis

Reliance Engineering Group (REG): Choudhury, M. G.  |  Tripathi, R.

Hydrocarbon plants use a system of pipes of various sizes, pressures and temperatures. Sometimes these pipes have pulsating flows that result in piping system vibration. These piping systems must be designed for a high degree of reliability, which requires a comprehensive piping stress analysis for thermal, sustained, occasional and dynamic loading conditions.

Apply a short-term, high-temperature carbon steel solution to piping systems

Reliance Engineering Group (REG): Tiwari, V.  |  Choudhury, M. G.

Carbon steel (CS) piping and equipment are used extensively in refineries and petrochemical plants, where fluid temperatures vary from moderate to high for various processes.

Decrease vibration in piping with reciprocating compressors

Reliance Engineering Group (REG): Choudhury, M. G.
BecRel Engineering Pvt. Ltd.: Tripathi, R.

Case study identifies problems in new compression unit

Hydrobulging of storage tanks and its effect on first support selection

Reliance Engineering Group (REG): Choudhury, M. G.
BecRel Engineering Pvt. Ltd.: Johri, S.  |  Tripathi, R.

Case studies prove that installing variable spring supports is a viable option

Designing small-bore piping and valve connections

Reliance Engineers Associates Ltd.: Singh, A.
Reliance Engineering Group (REG): Choudhury, M. G.

Follow these guidelines to improve reliability

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