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Mcguffie, S.

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Sean Mcguffie is the Senior Engineer at Porter McGuffie Inc., where he is responsible for developing and implementing the technical course for all PMI projects. With more than 20 yr of experience with numerical analysis on 200-plus projects, he has completed more than 90,000 hr of software work that required 50 MM CPU hours. His principle career aim is advancing the acceptance and use of computeraided engineering tools for mechanical design/ operations analyses. Dr. McGuffie works toward this goal by developing and propagating the techniques required for accurate analyses that consider the relevant physics. Outside his daily engineering consulting work, Dr. McGuffie’s present foci are advanced turbulence modeling and adaptation of techniques for the resolution of subgrid scale effects on coarser grids (Lagrangian and reacting flows focus); prediction of flow-induced forces (including acoustics and shock waves) with coupling to static and transient structural analyses; and advanced consideration of wall models during coupled fluid-thermal-structural analyses. He graduated from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Kansas.

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It is never a good sign when a piece of equipment exhibits unsafe behaviors—such as large, unexpected vibrations, or cracks forming around instrument ports—particularly in the thermal reactor of a sulfur plant, where high-temperature gaseous streams chemically react as part of the process that produces elemental sulfur.

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