Ezzat, A. A.

Pharos University, Alexandria, Egypt

Abbas Ezzat is a Petrochemical Professor at Pharos University and a Distinguished Scientist at Alexandria University’s materials science department at the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research. In addition, he is a local consult for the Egyptian petroleum/petrochemical sectors and a senior associate consultant for Channoil Consulting Ltd., London. Prior to joining academia, he occupied several top management positions in the Egyptian petroleum/petrochemical industries. Dr. Ezzat earned an MSc degree in chemical engineering from Washington University and a PhD in petrochemical applications from Alexandria University in Egypt.

CO2 energy recycling approach in the petrochemical industries

Ezzat, A. A., Pharos University

Many industrial processes can generate carbon dioxide from fossil fuels. Recently, these processes have contributed to an average annual release of more than 30 Btpy of carbon dioxide into the environment.

Prospects of petrochemical disruptive technology applications in Egypt Energy Hub Project

Ezzat, A. A., Pharos University

One of the most important challenges facing the Egyptian economy is the growing demand for petrochemicals in different sectors, particularly plastic materials and composites.

Business Trends: Application of blockchain technology in the petrochemical industry

Ezzat, A. A., Pharos University

The petrochemical industry relies on an extensive supply chain system to bring products and services to competitive markets.