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Engel, D.

Nexo Solutions, The Woodlands, Texas

David Engel is Managing Director of Nexo Solutions and Global Technology Leader for Exion Systems. He holds a BS degree in industrial chemistry from the University of Santiago, Chile, and a PhD in organic chemistry from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Engel has published more than 75 articles and has 18 invention patents in his name.

Analysis of semi-solid “shoe polish” material in a refinery TGTU

Nexo Solutions: Engel, D.

Amine units, and to a lesser extent tail gas treating units (TGTUs), experience occasional “shoe polish” sludge contamination.

Manage contaminants in amine treating units—Part 2: Rich amine filtration, inlet separation and amine foaming

Nexo Solutions: Engel, D.
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.: Northrop, P. S.

The installation and operation of suitable separation and filtration systems have become key components of virtually all process units, especially amine units.

Managing process contaminants in amine treating units—Part 1: Lean amine filtration

Nexo Solutions: Engel, D.
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.: Northrop, P. S.

Installation and operation of suitable contaminant removal systems, such as filtration, coalescing and adsorption equipment, have become key components in amine units.

Improve LPG treating via advanced amine-solvent recovery technologies

Nexo Solutions: Engel, D.  |  Burns, H.
Amine Experts: Spooner, B.

Capacity and throughput improvement in a refinery LPG treating unit are made possible by implementing an amine recovery program.

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