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Makeev, D.

KazMunaiGas (KMG) Atyrau Refinery,

Dmitry Makeev is Director of the technical development department for KazMunaiGas. He began his career at the Atyrau Refinery in 2005 as a Process Unit Operator. Later, he held various positions, including: Senior Operator, Shift Supervisor, Head of the technological unit, and Head of the project and development center. From 2010–2012, Mr. Makeev worked at the Petromidia Refinery (Romania, near Constanta) as Deputy Manager of the process engineering department. He returned to the Atyrau Refinery as the Chief Technical Manager in the construction and startup of the aromatics production complex and the deep oil refining complex, and was then appointed Director of the production department of the Atyrau Refinery. Mr. Makeev graduated with honors from the South Kazakhstan State University with a degree in chemical technology of organic substances and materials, with a specialization in oil and gas refining, and earned an MBA degree. He is the author of several articles and has made presentations at numerous professional conferences.

Maximize refinery profitability with novel RFCC technologies

KazMunaiGas (KMG) Atyrau Refinery: Danbay, S.  |  Suleimenov, E.  |  Shoshanbasov, A.  |  Smarkin, O.  |  Makeev, D.
Grace GmbH: Popov, A.  |  González, R.  |  Jegorov, V.

The Atyrau Oil Refinery (AOR), the oldest refinery in Kazakhstan, was built in 1945.

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