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Rios, R.

Honeywell UOP, Des Plaines, Illinois

Javier Rios is a Principal Technical Service Specialist at Honeywell UOP. He is responsible for supporting Honeywell UOP’s FCC and Merox operations worldwide. In his current role, Mr. Rios provides troubleshooting, optimization and operational assistance for more than 10 FCC units and more than 250 treating units, as well as supporting internal FCC and Merox technology development teams for Honeywell UOP’s FCC R&D and engineering.

Next-generation catalyst improves reliability of LPG mercaptan extraction

Motiva Enterprises: Ahmed, S.
Honeywell UOP: Mulvaney, W.  |  Nair, M.  |  Rios, R.

For decades, sulfur reduction processes have been an integral part of refinery operations.

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