Bloch, K.

Flint Hills Resources, L.P., Rosemount, Minnesota

Update your reliability performance to meet process safety expectations

Bloch, K., Bertsch, J., Flint Hills Resources, L.P.; Dunmire, D., Western ROPE, LLC

Better risk assessment can identify root causes for potential site catastrophes before they occur

Extreme failure analysis: never again a repeat failure

Bloch, K., Flint Hills Resources, L.P.

Apply root-cause failure analysis to recurring reliability problems

Dealing with deceptive failure modes

Bloch, K., Flint Hills Resources, L.P.

Chemical failure mechanisms can disguise themselves as mechanical and vice versa

HP Water Management: Appreciating the power of water

Bloch, K., Flint Hills Resources, L.P.

You need not look hard within a process plant to find key technical and production personnel who overlook improvement opportunities within industrial water systems. This oversight is often rooted in t..