Marsza, E. M.

exida LLC,

HP Automation Safety: Beware of trip point negative creep

Marsza, E. M., exida LLC

I recently rediscovered a curious phenomenon that affects SIS shutdown settings: trip points. This malady is particularly problematic for flow measurements in plants that have gone thro..

HP Automation Safety: Assessing HPI terrorism risk

Marsza, E. M., exida LLC

The events of September 11, 2001 have caused many HPI managers to consider the risk of their facilities becoming potential targets. Intelligence that has been gathered and publicly diss..

HP Automation Safety: Making decisions about risk reduction

Marsza, E. M., exida LLC

Although we all make decisions every day, very few of us use a systematic process. When making decisions about things like risk reduction, a systematic process is essential. The nature ..

HP Automation Safety: One size does not fit all!

Marsza, E. M., exida LLC

When selecting safety integrity levels (SILs) many engineers like to take a one size fits all approach. This is very common when selecting SILs for fired heaters. Many times I've heard,..