Latour, P. R.

Clifftent Inc., Houston, Texas

Set vapor velocity setpoints profitably

Latour, P. R., Clifftent Inc.

Use Clifftent principles to account for operating limit tradeoffs and risk to substantially improve financial performance

Demise and keys to the rise of process control

Latour, P. R., Clifftent Inc.

Modeling the penalty for violating constraints as well as modeling the credit for approaching them, and shared-risk shared-reward business practices are the solutions

What is the optimum U.S. mogas sulfur content?

Latour, P. R., Clifftent Inc.

Simple algebraic optimization method provides the answer to this and other environmental and plant risk management questions

Why tune control loops? Why make control loops?

Latour, P. R., Clifftent Inc.

Enterprise integration has abundant powerful technology capable of generating great value for the HPI, yet business issues, not technology, hamper its commercial success. The major impe..

HP Control: Quantifying financial values

Latour, P. R., Clifftent Inc.

I often read technical and business articles that cry out for a method to more accurately quantify the financial value of dynamic system performance improvements. Such a method has been..

HP Control: Optimize the $19-billion CIMfuels profit split

Latour, P. R., Clifftent Inc.

In the July 1997 "H P In Control" column, I raised the question, "Does the HPI do its CIM business right?" That was followed with a letter to the editor in Jan. '98 on "Decision-making and modeling in..