Price, B. C.

Black & Veatch, Dallas, Texas

Reduce air emissions from natural gas vaporization units

New revaporizing method mitigates air pollutant releases while maintaining process efficiency

Developing mid-scale LNG projects from the contractor's perspective

Modular liquefaction methods reduce construction and operating costs for smaller reserve developments

Optimize energy consumption for LNG vaporization

Himmelberger, L., Cryoquip Corporation; Price, B. C., Rosetta, M. J., Black & Veatch

New methods maximize heat transfer to regasify natural gas with minimum environmental impacts

Achieving world-class operating performance

Price, B. C., Black & Veatch

Apply appropriate reliability and operating improvement techniques in an integrated process to match plant capabilities

Optimize energy integration for LNG terminals

Price, B. C., Black & Veatch

Integrating heating requirements with adjacent facilities can provide economic bonus while improving operating efficiencies

Small-scale LNG facility development

Price, B. C., Black & Veatch

Include these vital design characteristics for improved project costs