Lodolo, S.

Aspen Technology, Italy

Stefano Lodolo is a Senior Manager Solution Consultant with Aspen Technology in Italy. He works with customers throughout Europe in APC and other process optimization areas. Mr. Lodolo manages the APC and optimization consultants in Europe and drives business development for major oil and gas companies. He has 35 yr of APC field experience in the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. Mr. Lodolo has successfully implemented more than 100 multivariable predictive control and other optimization projects on a wide variety of process units. He earned an MS in chemical engineering from Bologna University, Italy.

Save energy and reduce CO2 emissions with closed-loop optimization of utilities networks

Lodolo, S., Aspen Technology

Oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical companies face the difficult challenge of maximizing profitability while achieving aggressive decarbonization objectives set for 2030 and beyond.

Consider rapid new controller developments via adaptive process control

Autuori, A., Eni; Lodolo, S., Calosi, M., Aspen Technology; Esposito, A., eni S.p.A. Refining and Marketing Division

A new set of innovative technologies are having a significant impact on advanced process control (APC) methodology, applications development and sustainability.

Use adaptive modeling to revamp and maintain controllers

Harmse, M., Lodolo, S., Aspen Technology; Esposito, A., Autuori, A., eni S.p.A. Refining and Marketing Division

The right tools can improve refinery APC applications

Consider model-based inferential properties for reformers

Beautyman, A. C., AspenTech; Biroli, S., Autuori, A., Eni; Lodolo, S., Aspen Technology

A European refiner opts to apply embedded multivariable predictive controllers as part of an advanced process control system