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Taylor, B.

Anvil Corporation, Bellingham, Washington

Benjamin Taylor is the Control Systems Department Manager for Anvil Corporation and can be reached at btaylor@anvilcorp.com or 360-937-0503. Taylor has more than 16 yr in the oil and gas industry, based out of Bellingham, Washington. He holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from Montana State University-Bozeman.

Reliability analysis of analyzers bridges the gap between assessing and addressing risk

Anvil Corporation: Taylor, B.
CHS: Martin, S.

For most refinery facility managers, the demands of running plants efficiently, meeting environmental regulations and maximizing returns on product specifications challenge even the most disciplined professionals.

Understand API and ASME standards to prevent oversizing PSVs

Anvil Corporation: Taylor, B.

If you have ever sized or selected a pressure safety relief valve (PSV) using vendor sizing programs or hand calculations, you have probably run into a strange anomaly.

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