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Leboeuf, C.

ABS Group, San Antonio, Texas

Chris Leboeuf is the Senior Director of Engineering at ABS Group. He leads a team of more than 50 engineers and scientists across the U.S. and UK in managing risks to structures and equipment. Mr. LeBoeuf has 20 yr of professional experience as a structural engineering consultant with a principal area of expertise in blast analysis and building design. He has helped several organizations with the dynamic analysis and design of protective structures and equipment to resist extreme loading events. Mr. LeBoeuf holds a BS degree in civil engineering from The University of Texas at San Antonio and is a registered Professional Engineer in 12 states.

Environment and Safety: Building resilience: Why now is the time to invest in natural hazard risk management

ABS Group: Leboeuf, C.

With extreme weather events growing in frequency worldwide, organizations can do many things to protect their assets and mitigate some of the risks posed by natural hazards.

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