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Şanli, H. Ç.

Tüpraş, İzmir, Turkey

Handan Çevik Şanli is a Process Control Superintendent responsible for implementation, maintenance and performance monitoring of APC projects for Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corp. Her responsibilities include base layer control enhancement; distributed control system (DCS) management and configuration for process control schemes; alarm management implementations for refineries; and identification of new advanced control and DCS level control strategies for increased operational benefits and optimization. Ms. Şanli earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from Middle East Technical University, and an MS degree in engineering management from the Izmir Institute of Technology. She can be reached at handan.cevik@tupras.com.tr.

Improve refinery furnace control with burner management systems and model predictive control

Tüpraş: Aktaş, Y.  |  Şanli, H. Ç.

Under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) definition, a BMS includes the field devices, logic systems and final control elements dedicated to combustion safety and operator assistance in the starting and stopping of fuel preparation and burning equipment.

Base layer enhancement study for crude oil distillation process

Tüpraş: Şanli, H. Ç.  |  Er, B.

Base layer control is one of the most important stages of a process control system hierarchy for refinery applications.

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