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Chen, C.-Y.

Shin Chuang Technology Co. Ltd., Chia-Yi, Taiwan

Chi-Yao Chen is the Research Director of Shin Chuang Technology Co. Ltd. His research interests include developing advanced building and construction materials, as well as waterproof cement additives and mortars for concrete, using byproducts such as used rubber and asphaltenes. Dr. Chen holds BSc and MSc degrees and a PhD in applied chemistry from National Chia-Yi University in Taiwan.

Asphaltene removal technology produces novel cement waterproofing additive

Well Resources Inc.: Chung, W.
National Chia-Yi University: Lee, M.-T.
Shin Chuang Technology Co. Ltd.: Chen, C.-Y.  |  Chen, F.-P.  |  Lin, T.-B.

Addressing climate change and environmental issues has become a top priority in the 21st century.

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