Sharma, R. K.

Reliance Industries Ltd., Jamnagar, India

Improving decoking water system reliability in delayed coker units

Sharma, M., Sharma, R. K., Trikha, S., Reliance Industries Ltd.

Here's how the erosion and corrosion problems were solved

Minimize your refinery flaring

Harishbabu, V., Prasad, Y. B., Sharma, R. K., Reliance Industries Ltd.

This facility installed a flare gas recovery system improving emissions and increasing revenue

Improve vertical reboiler piping analysis

Chowdhary, M. G., Darji, P., Reliance Refinery; Sharma, R. K., Reliance Industries Ltd.

Vertical reboilers (shell-and-tube heat exchangers) are widely used in the petrochemical industry for performing the necessary vaporization function for various types of distillation columns/separatio..