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Sharma, R. K.

Reliance Industries Ltd., Jamnagar, India

Improving decoking water system reliability in delayed coker units

Reliance Industries Ltd.: Sharma, M.  |  Sharma, R. K.  |  Trikha, S.

Here's how the erosion and corrosion problems were solved

Minimize your refinery flaring

Reliance Industries Ltd.: Harishbabu, V.  |  Prasad, Y. B.  |  Sharma, R. K.

This facility installed a flare gas recovery system improving emissions and increasing revenue

Improve vertical reboiler piping analysis

Reliance Refinery: Chowdhary, M. G.  |  Darji, P.
Reliance Industries Ltd.: Sharma, R. K.

Vertical reboilers (shell-and-tube heat exchangers) are widely used in the petrochemical industry for performing the necessary vaporization function for various types of distillation columns/separatio..

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