Mandal, S.

Reliance Industries Ltd., Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

Sukumar Mandal is a Vice President and leads the FCC, coker and gasification research groups in the refining R&D division of Reliance Industries Ltd. in Jamnagar, India. He has 29 yr of research experience in refining processes and petrochemicals with several patents and publications to his credit. Mr. Mandal holds degrees in chemical engineering (MTech) from IIT, Kanpur.

A critical analysis of CO2 capture technologies

Jha, A., Ravuru, V., Yadav, M., Mandal, S., Das, A. K., Reliance Industries Ltd.

The use of fossil fuels as a source of energy continues to add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, causing detrimental effects to the environment.

Determine root causes of undesirable petcoke properties from the DCU

Gupta, A., Daggupati, S., Bisht, H., Mandal, S., Das, A. K., Reliance Industries Ltd.

The delayed coking unit (DCU) is the technology of choice for the upgrade of heavy hydrocarbon residues—i.e., bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading.