Almas, A.

Palmela, Setúbal, Portugal

Antonio Almas is a senior Lead C&I Engineer with 20 years of experience in plant design, field commissioning and startup activities for petrochemical, chemical and refining processes. His work includes providing expertise engineering services globally in large plants, and as an independent engineering services provider.

Does your control valve talk?

Almas, A., Palmela

Pneumatic operated control valves (POCVs) are consistently the most used control final element for process control across most industries—in some cases, they are also part of the safety instrumented systems (SISs) layer.

Overcome challenges of correct level reading in a petrochemical reactor

Almas, A., Palmela

Achieving the correct level reading in a petrochemical reactor is a critical process variable in maintaining good process operations (oxidation, digestion, polymerization, crystallization, hydrocracking, hydrogenation, etc.) in the petrochemical industry.