Vedula, S.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sunil Vedula is the founder of Nanoprecise Sci Corp. and is an avid technology commercialization enthusiast. He holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering and an MBA degree from the University of Alberta, specializing in finance, natural resource, energy and environment related topics. He has presented various papers on the commercialization potential of alternative technologies, such as hydrogen fuel cells and geothermal energy. Mr. Vedula has more than 7 yr of experience as a mechanical engineer, specializing in material stress and structural analysis. While working for projects associated with oil and gas and mining firms, he observed a need for innovative and affordable solutions resolving material-failure issues. This was the genesis for Nanoprecise Sci Corp., which seeks to deliver high-quality equipment and condition-monitoring solutions.

Cloud-based condition monitoring solutions optimize reliability of rotating equipment

Mishra, G., India Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative, Phulpur; McClatchie, D., Vedula, S., Nanoprecise Sci Corp.

Hydrocarbon processing (HP) companies are seeking opportunities to improve productivity, optimize equipment availability and increase process uptime.