Lee, Y.

GS-Caltex Corp., Yeochon, Korea

Implement a constrained optimal control in a conventional level controller - Part 2

Lee, J. W., LG Chem, Ltd.; Lee, Y., GS-Caltex Corp.; Shin, J., LG Chem.

Novel tuning method enables a conventional PI controller to explicitly handle the three important operational constraints of a liquid level loop in an optimal manner as well as copes with a broad range of level control from tight to averaging control

Consider the generalized IMC-PID method for PID controller tuning of time-delay processes

Lee, M., Yeungnam University; Lee, Y., GS-Caltex Corp.; Park, S., KAIST

This simple analytical method provides PID parameters to give a desired closed-loop response while available for any class of time-delay processes