Baker, W.

Emerson Process Management, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wally Baker is a global pressure content marketing manager at Emerson Automation Solutions. He is responsible for content marketing of the Rosemount Pressure Products. He has been in the process and control industry since 1999. While at Emerson, he has held positions as the global pressure wireless marketing manager, global wireless oil & gas BDM; sales and marketing manager for Asia Pacific Wireless & Plantweb based in Singapore for 2 yr; a global product marketing manager in Rosemount Temperature; and 5 yr in the Rosemount Pressure Design team as an electrical and software engineer. Mr. Baker holds an electrical engineering degree from Iowa State University and an MBA from the University of Minnesota. He has more than 17 yr of experience in industrial process and control.

Improving alkylation unit performance

Baker, W., Emerson Process Management

One of the persistent challenges for refineries blending gasoline is achieving minimum octane ratings economically and without exceeding Reid vapor pressure (RVP) requirements.