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Bhargava, M.

DWC Innovations, Houston, Texas

Manish Bhargava is the Founder and Director of DWC Innovations. He has 19 yr of experience in process optimization solutions and distillation techniques used in refineries and chemical plants. Prior to DWCI, he led the advanced separation group at GTC Technology (Houston) and worked at KBR as a Principal Technical Professional. Mr. Bhargava’s primary area of interest is distillation. He played a pivotal role in the technological development and commercialization of DWCs, and has personally helped commercialize more than 25 units. His innovative ideas and refinery solutions have been well received through articles and seminars in chemical engineering journals and conferences. He has written several publications and holds several patents on DWC technology. Mr. Bhargava earned an MS degree in chemical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and a BS degree in chemical engineering from Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) in Jaipur, India. He can be reached at mbhargava@dwcinnovations.com.

Maximize margins in a light naphtha isomerization unit by producing additional C6 products

DWC Innovations: Bhargava, M.  |  Sharma, A. P.  |  Ahmad, N.

The increasing demand for more efficient and low-emissions fuels due to stringent environmental policies and growing environmental awareness is leading refiners to find options to enhance the research octane number (RON) of the final product.

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