Cotter, T.

Clariant, Munich, Germany

Thomas Cotter is Clariant Catalysts’ R&D Department Head for emissions control and zeolites. At Clariant, he has also held the positions of Innovation Black Belt and R&D Project Leader for maleic anhydride catalysts. Prior to these roles, he worked as a materials scientist and chemical analyst for companies in New Zealand and the UK. Dr. Cotter holds a BS (Hons) degree in chemistry from the University of Auckland, as well as a doctoral degree in chemistry from the Technical University of Berlin and the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society.

Clearing the way for China’s petrochemical growth: Efficient catalytic VOC emissions control

Cullen, G., Cotter, T., Clariant

The growth of China’s chemical industry over the past 30 yr has been truly astonishing.