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Shalupkin, D.

Chemical Technologies Inc., Saint Petersburg, Russia

Dmitry Shalupkin is the Chief Technical Officer of Chemical Technologies LLC in Saint Petersburg, Russia. As a CTO of RRT Global and ChemTech, he gained experience in creating and managing technical teams with successful results in industrial projects related to refining and petrochemicals. He is also a co-inventor of the MAX-ISOM, IC7, and C4 ISOM technologies. Mr. Shalupkin's main focus is the implementation of advanced technologies in the petrochemical and refining sectors to achieve higher efficiencies, decrease costs and improve ecological compatibility.

Implement AI to predict the composition of chemical plant feed

Chemical Technologies Inc.: Giiazov, O.  |  Shalupkin, D.  |  Ermulin, A.  |  Stremousov, G.

An important indicator of the technological processes at chemical plants is the composition of the main flows, including feed, products and intermediate flows.

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