Chidambaram, S.

Central Mechanical Research Institute, Durgapur, Indi

Mr. S. Chidambaram holds B.E (Metallurgical Eng)., M.Tech (Fracture Mech) and has demonstrated work experience in Oil & Gas Industry. He worked in Inspection Department of Numaligarh Refinery (A Bharat Petroleum Corp) in SRU, DCU, HCU, CDU/VDU, MSP units of Refinery and currently holds Senior Scientist in Central Mechanical Engineering Institute-CSIR, working in NDT & Metallurgy Group. He is a subject matter expert of Inspection & Corrosion in Refinery, Repair Welding, FFS (API-579), Fracture Mechanics & Failure Analysis in Refineries, and consultant for several international & National Oil and Gas companies.

Thick-wall reactor shell repair procedure after damage detection at an interface in a hydrocracking unit

Chidambaram, S., Central Mechanical Research Institute

The vessel and reactor operating in a refinery may undergo various deteriorations due to their operating conditions.