Drögemuller, P.

CALGAVIN Ltd., Alcester, UK

Peter Drögemuller is the Head of research and development for CALGAVIN. He joined CALGAVIN initially in 1998 for 2 yr as a Process Engineer before re-joining in 2003 as research and development Manager. Dr. Drögemuller is responsible for new product design and research into enhanced tube-side heat transfer devices in single- and two-phase flow applications. In his position, he leads the startup of the company’s state-of-the-art, in-house research facilities. He is also responsible for cooperation with various external research institutions in the UK and Europe. Based on these research activities, he took a leading role in developing the company’s design and selection program softwarec, which was first launched in 2007 as a standalone version. He was then subsequently responsible for the integration with Aspen EDR and HTRI Xchanger Suite products. Dr. Drögemuller has also authored various scientific papers and magazine articles, and represents CALGAVIN at international meetings and with industrial clients in aspects of heat transfer engineering and exchanger debottlenecking.

Improve exchanger operability and efficiency through tube-side enhancement

Drögemuller, P., Ellerby, P., CALGAVIN Ltd.

The authors’ company has been serving the process industry for more than 35 yr to improve tube-side heat transfer in tubular heat exchangers. Its main application area is the use of a proprietary tube insert technology in new equipment design for exchangers with laminar tube-side flow, where considerable size reductions are achievable due to the increased tube-side performance.